Donate Kites or Sails


Kite and sailboat sail material is  water repellent and durable, an excellent combination for reusable diapers. KiteBums re-purposes prototype, damaged, unsafe, or unused kite and sail material. We are a safe source for donating any material you would like to keep out of the landfills.  Jesse Richman who rides for Nash Kiteboarding hooked us up fat this year with lots of prototype kites! Thanks again man. Boost Kiteboarding out of Winnipeg Manitoba gave us a fat score this year as well! A big roll of bladder material that makes a perfect liner for dirty diaper stash bags and wet bags. As well as both lead edge and canopy material so crispy and new it makes me giddy! Thanks guys!

If you have any sailboat sails or kite material to donate please message us and we will figure out how to get the materials.