KiteBums was created out of need.


A need to help.

Babies need diapers.

Mothers need work.

Kids need a future.

The earth needs a break.


KiteBums had a beginning with purpose.


KiteBums began with the birth of Miss Dasly. She is a local on the callejon in Cabarete. She needed diapers. Disposable diapers are socially irresponsible and not a valid first choice.

The materials available on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, DR, are severely limited. However, we are the mecca of extreme sports in the DR, offering the best kiteboarding in the world. Kite material was available and it is semipermeable.

Prototyping commenced…!

Oh, the first ones were sure ugly, but they worked!

Thanks to Miss Dasly’s perseverance we have made and tested many different varieties.


KiteBums changes lives.


Callejon de la Loma in Cabarete, is our Dominican Republic base.

The need for training and jobs is overwhelming.

KiteBums is a solution

We employ locals at a standard wage

We offer free training to local women

Production goes up – Wages go up

Making diapers, creating self sustainability, saving the planet a little



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